Connecting science, safety and society

Our strategy sets out how we focus on key objectives under four strategic themes: promoting safety and public understanding of risk; advancement of skills and education; supporting excellent scientific research; and accelerating the application of research.  

We seek to maximise the impact of our research and other activities for the wider benefit of society.  

At the inception of work, we work with the researchers and projects we support to identify how our work will benefit society, who the beneficiaries will be, and the pathway to impact. We believe that the researchers and organisations we support are best placed to identify this, which will then form the basis of their agreement with us. 

Through our grant making we aim to connect science, safety and society by supporting research of the highest quality and promoting skills and education.

Professor Richard Clegg, Foundation Chief Executive

Working on this strategy, we have taken time to identify areas where we can make the best possible contribution to help tackle society’s challenges of the future.

Thomas Thune Andersen, Chairman