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Roadmap for additive manufacturing - draft

Roadmap for additive manufacturing - consultation

What are the most important safety-related aspects for the application of additive manufacturing - in particular for critical infrastructure.

Foresight review of robotics and autonomous systems - cover

Foresight review of robotics and autonomous systems

What impact could robotics and autonomous systems have on the safety and performance of engineered assets and critical infrastructure.

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Foresight review of robotics and autonomous systems
This foresight review looks at how developments in the area of robotics and autonomous systems might impact the safety and performance of the engineered assets and the infrastructures on which modern society relies.
Foresight review of resilience engineering
This foresight review explores how resilience engineering could enhance the safety of life and property through the improved resilience of engineered structures, systems, organisations and communities around the world.
Foresight review of structural integrity and systems performance 
Modern society depends on complex products and engineering systems whose failure can lead to catastrophic consequences. The performance and safety of these systems is an area which the Foundation can make a significant difference by targeting its research funding.
Roadmap for additive manufacturing
The ultimate aim of this roadmap is the safe adoption of additive manufacturing to safety critical assets.
Foresight review of big data
Towards data-centric engineering - the report describes technical, organisational, social, and legal implications of living in a world of data.
Foresight review of nanotechnology
The next industrial revolution - this report has been commissioned as part of our emerging technologies funding priority.
Strategy 2014-2020 
Through our grant making we aim to connect science, safety and society by supporting research of the highest quality and promoting skills and education. 
Strategy map
Strategic themes: promoting safety and public understanding of risk; advancement of skills and education; supporting excellent scientific research; accelerating the application of research. 
Five year plan 2016-2021
The seven goals in the new 2016-2021 five year plan articulate our focus and priorities going forward.
Impact statement November 2016 
Latest summary about some of our grants. For more see this page

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Lloyd's Register Foundation Review 2015
Our latest annual review includes facts and figures to illustrate our impact in 2014/15, reports from the Chairman and Managing Director and a look at our progress under our four strategic themes.
Lloyd's Register Foundation Review 2014
The highlights from our first full year of operation in 2013/14 illustrate the progress we have made in our ambition to become one of the world’s leading engineering research and education charities.  
Lloyd's Register Foundation Review 2013
Key points: new charity set up with a £206 million donation after a restructuring of an exempt charity; established solid foundations for the future; new strategy agreed to ensure future success; merger with the Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust.