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What archival materials did the HEC team use to research the project?

'A happy memory of Cricket' 100 years of cricket at Lloyd's Register - Published in 1982 to mark the centenary of the cricket club, this brief programme includes profiles of noteworthy players and photographs of the first XI over the course of 100 years.

Annals of Lloyd's Register 1934 - The annals offer a summation of Lloyd's Register's activities between 1834 - 1934.

Cricket Club histories - Originally printed for private circulation, the Cricket Club histories look back at the Lloyd's Register Cricket Club during its heyday, from 1882 - 1956. The book features a summation of each cricket season as well as the annual dinners and events the club held.

General Committee Meeting Minutes - The minutes of the General Committee meetings. These journals give a detailed look at the development of Lloyd's Register, including it's expansion into non-marine work, the announcement of new employees and retirements.

Lloyd's Register 250 years of service - Published in 2010 to mark the 250th anniversary of Lloyd's Register, 250 years of service chronicled the history of the Society from 1760 - 2010. 

Shipbuilding and shipping record - May 18 1922 

Staff bibles - The Staff bibles contain the details of staff appointments and salaries, helping to build up a picture of an employee's background and working life.

The Financial Times - 12 May 1922

The London Gazette - 12 September 1919, 14 January 1916 

War Memorial brochure (1921) -  correspondence with the artist, invitations; press cuttings; arrangements for the unveiling; communication with Madam Boyer (June 1922)

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  • The First World War forum websites Rootschat and the Great War Forum, and the members that contributed so greatly to this project.
  • Nick Mann
  • Honourable Artillery Company Archive
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  • David Birkmire
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