Sir Thomas James Storey, KBE

Artist: Leonard Campbell Taylor, RA

In office from: 1925 - 1928

Background: Underwriting

Sir Thomas rendered invaluable service to the Society during his tenure as Chairman from 1925 to 1928. His sound judgement and wide knowledge and experience helped to solve problems of great difficulty. He was elected to the General Committee in 1903 and from 1917 was Chairman of the Sub-Committees of Classification, before occupying the position of Deputy Chairman and Treasurer in January 1922. Storey participated in early talks on the possibility of forming an Aviation Inspection department. He was also a patron of Lloyd’s Register’s Cricket Club. 

Amongst other positions, Storey had previously served as underwriter of the combined Union Insurance Company and International Insurance Company, and of the British and Foreign Marine Insurance Company, Deputy Chairman of the Liverpool Underwriters Association, and Chairman of the London Institute of Underwriters. During the war he rendered important services to the Ministry of Shipping in connection with marine insurance, for which he was knighted in 1918. His great concern for the prosperity of shipping and shipbuilding made him an ideal Chairman of Lloyd’s Register. He died in 1933.

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