Sir George Higgins, CBE

Artist: Francis Dodd

In office from: 1928 - 1943

Background: Chairman of William France, Fenwick & Co Ltd

Higgins spent his shipping career with the coastal shipping company of William France, Fenwick & Co Ltd, of which he was Managing Director and Chairman. He received his knighthood for his work with the Ministry of Shipping during the First World War.

As the Society continued to expand, new national and area committees were formed. In 1930, Higgins attended the inaugural meeting of the Danish Committee. 

Throughout the Second World War, Higgins and his Deputy, Ernest Jacobs would travel twice a week to Wokingham, where the Society's secondary headquarters were located.

A patron of the Lloyd's Register Cricket Club, Higgins opened the club's Dulwich pavilion.

Higgins Dulwich pavilion opening

Opening of the Cricket Club's Dulwich pavilion, June 13 1936.

Higgins died aged 80 in August 1937 at Fowey, Cornwall.

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Lloyd's Register purchased High Close, Wokingham in August 1939. It was established as the Society's second headquarters, away from the London bombings. In 1946, the house was sold to Dr Bernado's. Today, High Close is still in use by the charity as a school for those with special educational needs.