Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre blog list

This blog logs the activities of the Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre, from it's ambitious digitisation Project - Project Undaunted to its research projects, enquiries and events.

Happy birthday to Project Undaunted

This month we are celebrating the first anniversary of starting cataloguing for Project Undaunted – although it feels like we have been sailing this boat for much, much longer!

Sarah Clifford Smith's Robert Miller ship model

As part of my university degree I was required to find a client project to do as the very first project of my final year. Over the summer I contacted a number of different clients to ascertain if any wanted a model made.

HEC needs you! - an update

It's been five months since the Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre (HEC) launched 'HEC needs you!' and the team thought it would be worthwhile to provide a summation of the project’s inception as well as an in-depth update on its progress.

Conserving Project Undaunted: The Beginnings

I am Nicole Monjeau, the paper conservator for Project Undaunted. As a recent addition to the team, I thought I would discuss my first impressions as I begin working with the Ship Plan and Survey Report Collection of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

A farewell to the First and Famous

From stem to stern, the cataloguing phase of the pilot project has been several intense months of listing, sorting, organising and cataloguing but the time to say farewell has come.

Class Acts

From the 17th century maritime trade began to boom in England.

Love, liberty and pirates: The possible adventures of Jane Trinidade

Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s Heritage and Education Centre holds a wealth of research material, from the library which, amongst other things, holds the full collection of the Lloyd’s Register of Ships (1764 to date) to the archive of classification-related documents and many physical objects.

Find of the month - Uncovering Letters - October 2015

On our exciting journey of cataloguing Lloyd’s Register’s archives we have come across a great find of the month; correspondence dating from March 1834 that shows how surveyors worked before the Society implemented Survey Reports in that same year.

Entering Aladdin's Cave

We are Eloisa Rodrigues and Sarah Parsons – the two new Archives Assistants who will be auditing and cataloguing documents for the pilot digitisation project at Lloyd’s Register.

Find of the month - The Survey Photo Album - June 2015

The Digitisation Team have been finding some fascinating and beautiful items down in the archive whilst preparing for the pilot digitisation project and we thought it would be simply criminal to not share some of the best with you.

Big, bold and beautiful

The archive collection that Lloyd’s Register Foundation are beginning to digitise comes in many different shapes and sizes, from tiny steel orders on tissue paper to enormous ship plans that extend past the end of the table!

How do we choose what to digitise?

The pilot digitisation project that Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s Heritage and Education Centre is embarking on, involves a great many decisions to be made before the digitisation process starts in earnest.

The Pamir: The Great War

As you would expect, during the First World War, regular duties of the surveyors were suspended so that they could contribute to the war effort.

The Pamir - The early years

Up until this point, we have been focussing on the methodology of Lloyd’s Register’s digitisation initiative so before we jump into the pilot project we have decided to conduct a test to trial the techniques and workflows designed by the Information Centre to determine their weaknesses, strengths, omissions and excess.

The Pamir - A ship to remember

These pilot years of the digitisation project will need us to choose a sample of the collection to digitise as a proof of concept.

A trip to see the SS Great Britain

The Heritage and Education Centre team at Lloyd’s Register were able to visit the SS Great Britain in Bristol in 2015 and talked to some of the fantastic staff at the museum.

Goobi and the Wellcome Library

As part of our research, Lloyd’s Register have been visiting other heritage institutions for advice, to hear about their projects and to understand why they chose their suppliers.

Hard Decisions

Since the Christmas break Lloyd’s Register Foundation has been looking more into the details of the pilot digitisation project for the Ship plans and reports.

Help us with our website design!

As part of our digitisation project, we are planning to create a website where members of the public like you can access the archive from the comfort of their own home.

What are the Ship Annals?

The Ship Annals are an archive collection held at Lloyd’s Register that relate to the ships that we classed from the 1834 onwards.

What does Lloyd's Register Foundation have?

The archives looked after by the Heritage and Education Centre hold a plethora of documents, a percentage of which are currently on loan to the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

So many standards to choose from!

As we begin our digitisation project of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation archives, we are conscious of maintaining good practice and developing a system that keeps the users in mind.

How much do we have?!

On Friday Sean, Charlotte and the Heritage and Education Centre team went down to the National Maritime Museum stores, where most of our documents currently are, to have a look at the extent of the collection.

And so it begins...

This year, Lloyd’s Register Foundation have given the go ahead to begin exploring the expansive world of digitisation for the Heritage and Education Centre Archives. They have recruited both myself (Charlotte Atkinson) and Sean Clemenson to drive the project under the guidance of our colleagues in the Heritage and Education Centre.