Building history

The Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre (HEC) is excited to announce that 71 Fenchurch Street will be open to the public in this year's Open House London event on Saturday 16 September. For more information about the event visit our Open House London webpage.

The Collcutt Building

In December 1901, Lloyd's Register took possession of its new building at 71 Fenchurch Street, London. Thomas Collcutt used elaborate decoration to achieve complexity and richness in his design, which now contrasts strongly with the modernity of the Richard Rogers building, completed in 2000. 

Collcutt building

The Richard Rogers Building

In the 70 years following the completion of Collcutt' building in 1901, Lloyd's Register acquired four adjacent office blocks to accommodate its growing business. But by the early 1990s, it was clear the jumble of buildings would not suit the business world of the new millennium.

Richard Rogers building

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