These are the current advancement of skills and education programmes funded by the Foundation:

Admiral Makarov SUMIS, Russia Undergraduate and post graduate scholarships in maritime and oil and gas disciplines.

AIBE Summit, UK The Artificial Intelligence in Business & Entrepreneurship (AIBE) Summit is a conference on artificial intelligence in business & entrepreneurship.

Arkwright Scholarship Trust, UK Supporting 10 school students in sixth form 2015/16 and 2016/17, who are interested in engineering apprenticeships.

Arkwright Scholarship Trust, UK Using the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship scheme to address areas of concern raised by the RAE's UK STEM Education Landscape report.

Children's Radio, UK Science around Ships: 10 part audio series available on the Fun Kids website and YouTube channels.
Don Bosco Training Centre, East Timor Youth training scheme, enabling young people to gain apprenticeship training locally to equip them for local industries.

Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) Travelling Science programme to support science education of children aged from six to 14 years.

HELMEPA, Greece Educational community and public awareness campaign on the marine environment, shipping and sciences.

International Maritime Law Institute, Malta Scholarships for three Masters students each year, usually from countries with low GDP, studying for one year in Malta, to improve practical knowledge and skill in interpreting and drafting IMO legislation to improve maritime safety.

International Maritime Law Institute, Malta Scholarship funding for three deserving qualified candidates per year, for a period of one year, within the Institute’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme. The beneficiaries will be selected jointly from the largest possible number of eligible candidates by representatives of the Institute and the Foundation.

Maritime London Officer Cadet Scholarship, UK Training for three cadets at the UK's maritime training colleges, over the three years of their course.

Nanyang Technical University, Singapore Scholarships for maritime and engineering students.

National Maritime Museum, UK Royal Observatory Greenwich Excellence in Science Initiative. Delivery of a science education programme based on astronomy for primary and secondary schools.

National Space Centre, UK Continued funding for lead educators and teacher CPD throughout the UK.

Nautical Institute, UK Funding to print and distribute 1,000 copies of a compendium of all 40 issues of Alert!, the Human Element bulletin. The Alert! project has been funded by LRF since 2003.

Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK Seas the Opportunity - two apprenticeships with a globally unique and historical monitoring platform.

Rice University, USA Scholarships for undergraduates and post graduates in mechanical engineering.

Royal Institution of Naval Architects, UK Funding for 20 post-graduate students to attend RINA conferences each year.

Royal Institution of Naval Architects, UK Sponsorship enables 25 students to attend conferences organised by the Institution each year.

Shipwrights, Worshipful Company, UK Apprenticeship scheme, providing a mixture of bursaries and loans for the first year of higher apprenticeships, to encourage SMEs in the marine industry to take on apprentices.

Smallpeice Trust, UK Annual residential courses in marine technology at the universities of Strathclyde, Newcastle and Portsmouth.

St. Paul's Way Trust School, UK Supporting the annual summer school across several disadvantaged east London boroughs.

SYN-ENOSIS, Greece Maritime education, funding for the Merchant Marine Academies Support Upgrade Plan of the SYN-ENOSIS Greek Shipowners Social Welfare Company.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK IET Engineering Horizons bursaries - helping people of all ages and differing educational pathways who share a determination to pursue a career in engineering to make it a reality.

UK NEST, UK Six scholarships each year for undergraduates in years 2, 3 and 4 of engineering degrees, who show interest in working for members of UK NEST.

Union of Greek Shipowners, Greece One Masters scholarship for a Greek scholar at a UK university, £10,000 each year. £50,000

University College London, UK Centre for Engineering Education: convening an international research workshop and producing a public report on how to improve engineering education.

University of Birmingham, UK Programme to develop new educational provision in the areas of railway risk and safety management in China.

University of Portsmouth, UK Scholarships in science and engineering disciplines.

University of Southampton, UK The Human Powered Submarine Team provides outreach activities to local schools, colleges and the general public. The team designs, tests, manufactures and races a human powered submarine.

University of Southampton (Malaysia campus) Scholarships in engineering.

University of Strathclyde, UK Scholarships in engineering disciplines.

Villiers Park Educational Trust, UK Tyneside STEM scholars programme: Support for young people in the North East.

Winchester Science Foundation, UK Enabling disadvantaged young people and their families to attend Winchester Science Festival.