These are the current funded programmes supporting the application of research:

Arup Programme to Build Resilience in Critical Infrastructure. The focus aligns with the recommendations of the Foundation's Foresight review on resilience engineering and its four priority action areas.

Hook Marine Ltd, UK Development of a stability monitor for fishing vessels: SeaWise. Initial work on a real-time stability monitor has produced a device which works well in still water or on a smooth surfaced sea. This will develop the idea for short, steep-sided waves, or waves reflected from rocky shorelines, to help prevent loss of life and vessels amongst deep-sea fishermen.
Imperial College London, UK Modelling and assessing the factors that affect human performance in railway operations and maintenance – the role of automation.
MX3D A Smarter Bridge. This project will make the world's first 3-D printed steel bridge also the world’s most connected and interactive structure.
UCL PETRAS – Internet of Things Research Hub, UK PETRAS - First Strategic Research Fund Call - IoT Resilience.
Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands Technical standards for safe production of food and feed from marine plants and safe use of ocean space.